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Developing Mobile Responsive Web pages

Developing mobile responsive web pages is the way to go keeping in mind that the society is becoming more and more mobile. You all must have heard the term “Mobile First” or “Cloud First” so these are the real thing. We all carry many mobile devices like phones, Ipads, Laptops etc. Having to consider mobile as the first thought while creating web pages is the most important aspect of the development.

There are many framework you can use to help you develop mobile responsive websites. Bootstrap from twitter is one of it. Its approach is Mobile first and there are lot of help available on websites like W3schools or If you know CSS then its easy to learn and once you understand its grid system then you can use appropriate grid sizes for different device contents. You can use card layouts, jumbotrons or use many of the example templates to do the jump start.

You can also use the media queries which is nothing but asking a browser what is its context for example if its running under phone or IPAD or Laptop context and then sets various css tags based on the width of the device. There may be little work but this is the technique widely used as well!

Finally you can always create a native app using React native or other frameworks like Xamerin etc! Go Mobile First!

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